What is workforce outsourcing?

Here at CK Clinical we are often asked what is workforce outsourcing? So here is a short explanation of what it is:

The action of outsourcing is to get an external company to provide you with workforce solutions to cover small teams, projects, departments and whole functions. Many companies now choose to outsource so they can benefit from the cost and time efficiency’s, increased productivity and flexibility of their new workforce.

The CK Group offers a labour outsourcing solution through their division CK Aspire, which delivers high quality workforce support to the science, technology and pharmaceutical market by providing external departmental or bespoke project management services for customers.

These labour solutions are offered through two separate services: Functional Service Outsourcing (FSO) and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO).

Next week we will be giving more information about Functional Service Outsourcing (FSO).

However find out more about workforce outsourcing here

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