What is Functional Service Outsourcing?

Last week we gave you a brief introduction into the workforce outsourcing and the benefits it can bring to your business. Read here

Following that we are bringing you details on one of the services that our CK Aspire division offers as part of the workforce outsourcing solution– Functional Service Outsourcing (FSO).

FSO is the outsourcing or management of a team or departments or function to a third party leaving you free to concentrate on your core business. The CK Aspire service is prides itself on its flexibility ensuring a solution is agreed that works for you. In addition, they do also offer 3 core services, these are:

  1. Insourcing – we source you temporary support to complement your existing workforce.
  2. Strategic Partnering – should you need to outsource an entire project, we would work alongside you to identify the skills required, and then build and manage the team to deliver your project. This team would work to your SOPs, within your budget and giving you real time access to results.
  3. Functional outsourcing – we supply you with an entire department or function, leaving you free to concentrate on the core area of your business.

One of the core benefits of our Functional Service Outsourcing solutions is that in providing you with a team of dedicated professionals to aid you in your innovations, we also manage all elements of the HR process including recruiting, screening, contracts, payments and annual reviews.

Please click here to find out more about CK Aspire’s Functional Service Outsourcing solution

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