We’re Inviting Your Questions

Like many other businesses at the moment, CK Clinical are working successfully from home to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and support our essential healthcare services.

Usually around this time of year, CK Clinical would be attending careers fairs, networking events and conferences, offering our best advice to candidates and clients alike on job hunting and hiring the best talent.

Despite the fact that this cannot happen at the moment, we are keen to continue offering the same excellent level of service and support that we always have, in new ways. We are therefore inviting you to send in any questions you may have, and producing advice videos across our social media channels in response.

Do you have a question about writing the perfect clinical CV that will get you noticed? Do you need advice on how to continue progressing your career and how to stay competitive during this time of uncertainty? Or, are you wondering as an employer what you can do for your employees whilst they work from home?

You can send in your questions via video, leave a comment on our LinkedIn page, get in touch with your recruiter or email us at info@ckgroup.co.uk.

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