Value-based Pricing Introduced to UK Pharma Industry

UK Pharmaceutical Industry Vaue-based PricingAs reported by InPharm, a new value-based pricing strategy could be introduced for the UK Pharmaceutical industry by 2014.

The new value-based pricing strategy will radically overhaul the way medicines are paid for.  Once the PPRS scheme has run its course by 2014, grug prices will be set according to the value the medicines provide. In the White Paper Equity and Excellence, the government noted the value-based pricing approach “…will help ensure better access for patients to effective drugs and innovative treatments on the NHS and secure value for money for NHS spending on medicines.”

The White Paper also proposes changes to the role of NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence) and  structural shifts in the way that budgets are managed – with 80% of control being handed over to GP’s.

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