UK PM proposes to fast track visas for top scientists

Last week Boris Johnson, the new UK Prime-minister announced plans to ‘supercharge’ the UK science and pharmaceutical industries by lifting the visa restrictions on the world’s top scientists, mathematicians and engineers.

Johnson said he wanted the immigration system to be changed to make the UK a very attractive place for scientists to be based. “We were home to the world’s first national DNA database, we discovered graphene, and our cutting-edge scientists should be proud to follow in the footsteps of titans like Ada Lovelace and Nobel laureates Francis Crick and Peter Higgs.
But to ensure we continue to lead the way in the advancement of knowledge, we have to not only support the talent that we already have here, but also ensure our immigration system attracts the very best minds from around the world.”

In his bid to attract the world’s brightest and the best scientists, engineers and mathematicians to the UK, he has asked the Home Office and Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy to work with the scientific community to develop the new fast-track visa route which is expected to launch later this year.

This new proposal could really boost the life science, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry to help them find the talent they need!

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