UK Pharma Giants May Partner in Drug Development

As reported by the Telegraph, a chief scientist at AstraZeneca, Dr Gray, has stated that the UK’s major pharmaceutical companies should come together in an effort to develop more effective medicines.

The chief scientist believes that there is now more willingness among pharmaceutical companies to collaborate with publically funded bodies to improve knowledge of new compounds.

Dr Andy Dray, one of AstraZeneca’s Senior Scientists stated, “We have a better chance of success in finding new, effective treatments if we work together.” Dr Gray will this week tell an industry summit in Las Vegas that by working together, pharmaceutical companies will be able to better develop differentiated and cost-effective medicines.

He stated, “We are all in the race against disease, and we have a better chance of success in finding new, effective treatments if we combine our brain power and work together. Greater collaboration between pharmaceutical companies as well as between pharma and academia will be a key factor in addressing the challenges of providing better healthcare solutions,”

Dr Gray’s comments come after the announcement that AstraZeneca will be taking part in two collaborative deals – one with Cancer Research UK and one with University College London.

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