Top Chemists Warn of Government Cuts

Top chemists, including seven Nobel laureates, have written to the government to warn of the impact of cuts on scientific research essential for a wide range of industries from biotechnology to agriculture, reports the Guardian.

Professors from Imperial College London, Oxford and Bristol universities, amongst others, argue that cuts would “irreparably damage” the UK economy’s global competitiveness, forcing scientists to look for jobs overseas. According to the Royal Society of Chemistry, the sector and ones linked to it contribute £258 billion to the UK economy annually, supporting around 6 million jobs.

The area most affected by these cuts will be synthetic organic chemistry, currently receiving £44 million in funding. An accompanying letter signed by heads of companies such as Novartis, said that synthetic organic chemistry influences everything from molecular archaeology to molecular zoology, and to even “think of disadvantaging and disabling such important scientific innovation beggars belief.”

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