The geographical locations of clinical operation’s roles

Once upon a time if you were looking for a clinical operations job you would need to relocate to the South East of England, apply for a role with one of the pharmaceutical or biotechnology companies that were based there and hope for positive feedback. These days life science companies are venturing out of the Greater London area to more accessible parts of the UK, meaning relocation is not always a pre-requisite for application.

Clinical Operations offers a variety of roles, ranging from CTA, CRA and Clinical Project Manager to Clinical Outsourcing, Clinical Contracts, Trials Coordinators, Research Nurses and Patient Recruitment Specialists, to name just a few, and some of these roles can be done from a home based location.  If the role you are seeking doesn’t fall into the ‘home-based’ category then the news that life science is slowly moving away from London is great news to hear.

Over recent years we have seen some of the large pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies setting up satellite sites and trials centred in cities outside of London.  Some of the benefits for doing this could be to focus on a particular patient group or to utilise a healthcare system that lends itself to managing a trial effectively.  Another main reason is cost, as sites are cheaper to manage and set up in the North of England, Scotland and Wales thus reducing trial overheads.  It has also had a knock on effect in encouraging start-up companies to set up in science parks located in these regions. With new life sciences developments happening in Cambridge, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and various locations in Scotland, this could mean that in 10-15 years time there will be less reliance on London-based locations for these companies to base themselves.  In addition to this the UK is currently focused on better transport links to the North and key areas like Cambridge, further confirmation of the move away from a centralised hub for drug development.

Overall it’s good news for clinical operations candidates who are looking for a good rate/salary with cheaper outgoings as this should help you widen your search next time you are looking for a new role.

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