Takeda forms drug discovery partnership with SGC

As reported by the Pharmaceutical Business Review, the Japanese pharmaceutical company, Takeda Pharmaceuticalshas formed a drug discovery alliance with Structural Genomics Consortium (SGC).

The SGC is a not-for-profit, public-private partnership which supports the discovery of medicines through open access research. They focus on determining the three dimensional structure of human proteins which are targets for drug discovery.

The SGC have released the structures of over 1,200 proteins with implications to the development of new therapies for cancer, diabetes, obesity and psychiatric disorders. As well as their recent funding from Takeda, the SGC is also funded by the Canadian Institute for Health Research, CFI, Genome Canada, the Ontario’s MEDI and the Wellcome Trust.

By forming an alliance with the SGC, Takeda are able promote their drug discovery research by accessing new research. In addition, the SGC have benefitted aswell by raising their funds to $50m.

SGC Canada chief executive Aled Edwards said: “This is a strong endorsement of a novel business model, which relies on collaboration to share the risks of early-stage research, and reduce costs of drug discovery so we can get effective new medicines to market faster, and into the hands of physicians and patients sooner.”

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