Takeda and Pfizer Join Forces in China to Promote Diabetes Drug


Takeda, Japan’s largest drug maker, has signed up Pfizer as a partner to assist them in promoting their diabetes drug, Actos in China. Pfizer is the largest multinational pharmaceutical company in China and it is hoped the move will increase the amount of medical representatives supporting the sales and marketing of Actos in China. There is expected to be high demand for Actos as according to the International Diabetes Federation, it is estimated that there will be more than fifty million diabetics in China by 2025.

Actos is Takeda’s best-known drug and is a prescription medication which is taken to help improve blood sugar control in adults with type 2 diabetes. The drug has been sold in China since 2004.

China is currently the fifth largest pharmaceutical market in the world and is expected to grow to be the third-largest market by 2011.

This deal highlights Pfizer’s strategy of expanding its operations in the country and comes less than a month after it announced plans to establish a new R&D operations in central and western China as its biomedical infrastructure strengthens throughout the country.

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