Pharmasset Announce Johnson and Johnson Deal

Pharmasset’s new Hepatitus C pharmaceuticals are gathering attention due to a new collaboration with Johnson and Johnson, reports

Despite approval being a few years away at the moment, some believe that Pharmasset’s Hepatitus C treatment will potentially be a very big seller. The drug will be tested in mid-level trials later this year. Following the news of the Johnson and Johnson deal being made, Pharmasset’s shares rose 8% even though they have no currently marketed products.

Pharmasset’s deal with Johnson and Johnson, as well as others with Bristol-Myers Squibb and Roche, are not giving away future sales, so Pharmasset will retain the profit for itself, allowing the company to grow and ultimately providing more jobs and funding for research and development.

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Chinese Investment to Boost British Pharma Industry

Medical Research Care Technology is in negotiations with Chinese authorities to save up to 850 pharmaceutical jobs within the UK, the Financial Times reports.

David Tapolczay, the head of MRC Technology has said that “this is probably the most significant thing to come along in research and development in the UK for 25 years”. The negotiations centre around the hiring of specialists being made redundant from Pfizer plant in Sandwich – reported on here – which will lose up to two thousand jobs.

Under the proposed agreement, a UK based clinical research team would begin testing and developing new medicines. The project is designed to keep specialists within the UK whilst also helping to expand China’s growing pharmaceutical industry.

Added to the Chinese government’s investment will be that of British private investors and a guarantee from Chinese businesses to sell the drugs developed.

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Pharma Company Cuts Prices to Help Poor

GlaxoSmithKline, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, have cut the prices of vaccines given to third world countries after calls from UNICEF, reports

On June 13th GSK and several other pharmaceutical companies made a promise to cut the price of the rotavirus vaccine by up to 95%, meaning a child can be fully immunised for just $5. 125 million doses of the vaccine, Rotarix, have been pledged over the next five years to help reduce the current number of deaths by the virus, which stand at 500,000 per year. Countries such as Uganda are said to have welcomed these reductions, as reported by the Daily Monitor.

Justin Forsyth, chief executive of the Save The Children has welcomed GSK’s decision and called it a “landmark move” which will hopefully drive more companies to provide drugs to third world countries in order to prevent highly treatable diseases killing as many as they do.

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Drug failure rates on the rise in Phase II and III clinical trials

As reported by, Med City News, according to a recent analysis by the Centre for Medicines Research in the UK, since 2008, drug failure rates have been steadily rising in Phase II and III clinical trials.

The analysis found that sixty-eight per cent of Phase  II failures between 2008 and 2010 fell into five therapeutic areas:

  1. Alimentary/metabolism (including diabetes) (23%)
  2. Cancer (20%)
  3. Neurological disorders (16%)
  4. Cardiovascular diseases (11%)
  5. Other (32%)


When looking at Phase III clinical trials, the study found that the failure rate is at approximately fifty per cent – this has risen since 2007. These failures fell into the same therapeutic areas as outlined above.  Sixty-six percent of these failures were due to lack of efficacy, while twenty-one percent failed due to concerns with safety.

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NICE supports Roche’s blood cancer drug

As reported by Bloomberg, The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence has voiced it’s support for Roche’s MabThera drug, a medicine used for fight a common form of blood cancer.

The Institute supports the drugs use on patients suffering with follicular lymphoma who have previously responded to treatment with MabThera combined with chemotherapy.

Studies have shown that the drug can reduce the spread and growth of cancer by three to four years. MabThera is also approved for use in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and chronic lymphocytic leukaemia, as well as non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

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Medical Information Advisor Jobs – Bedfordshire, UK


Krishna is currently recruiting for four Medical Information Advisor positions based in Bedfordshire, UK.

These positions are on a 3 month contract basis and will focus on the following therapy areas:

  • Oncology
  • Diabetes
  • Osteoarthritis

For more information, please contact Krishna on 01438 743 047 or email

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Introducing our Top PV, Med Info and Drug Safety Candidates!

Meet some of our best Drug Safety, Pharmacovigilance and Medical Information candidates below.  For more information regarding any of the candidates featured below, please contact Krishna Pankhania on 01438 743 047 or email

PSUR Writer/ Pharmacovigilance Manager

  • Reference: 102025
  • Rate: £35-£45/hr (contract rate)
  • Location: Hertfordshire/ Bedfordshire/ London/ Greater London/ South East/ Home Counties

This candidate has had 12 years experience in industry and has set up and ran a Medical Information department. They have extensive experience as a PSUR Writer and a Pharmacovigilance Manager.

Medical Information Officer

  • Reference: 99144
  • Salary: £40k
  • Location: Hertfordshire/ Bedfordshire/ London/ Greater London/ South East/ Home Counties

A degree qualified Medical Information Officer with previous work experience in Drug Safety.

This candidate has experience in the following areas:

  • Providing specialist product support on a group of products to Brand, Medical, Healthcare Management and Training teams and to relevant external groups.
  • Providing input into development of brand key messages and strategy, review of copy approval and core claims, and production of Dear Doctor letters and NICE/SMC submissions.
  • Designing and delivering product licence and complex clinical data training to the Sales Force.
  • Providing medical support to external customers, e.g. Key Opinion Leaders, specialist nurse meetings in conjunction with the Medical Team.
  • Supported the integration of a new departmental Global Medical Repository of standard responses
  • Responsible for Breast Cancer products and previously worked on Rheumatology

This excellent candidate is currently on a notice period of 1 month.

Drug Safety Associate

  • Reference: 109264
  • Salary: £26k+
  • Location: Berkshire

This candidate has experience in Processing Serious Adverse Event (SAE reports), in accordance with company policy.

This Drug Safety Associate also has extensive experience in identifying queries and possible abnormalities on reports, as well as experience in the use of in-house systems such as the Argus database and Trial Tracker.

This candidate also boasts an impressive knowledge and awareness of ICH and GCP guidelines and is available at 2 weeks notice.

Consultant Senior Scientific Advisor

  • Reference: 96382
  • Location: London

This candidate is an Internal ABPI and PAGB code expert and has experience in the following:

  • Final PAGB Regulatory signatory
  • Review of Promotional and Non-promotional materials including promotional leave pieces, in store banners / stands, radio & TV adverts, editorials, magazine inserts, press releases and Medical Training Modules for the representatives
  • Devising the Core Claims for products  to be used both with consumers and Health Care Professionals
  • Scientific input and drafting of complaint letters and intercompany dialogue
  • Providing support and guidance to other Scientific Advisors
  • Fully competent in using Zinc Maps, MS Office (Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint)
  • Advising on the relevant code and internal SOP issues all the way
  • Ensuring Medical Compliance through out

This candidate has also  been involved with Input into the Brand teams from project concept to delivery and is immediately available.

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Novartis gets Green Light for Cannabis-based Drug

As reported by New Scientist, the swiss pharma company Novartis have just had the green light to sell their cannabis-based drug, Sativex to Australia, Asia the Middle East and Africa. The pharmaceutical company already sell the drug in the UK and Spain.

Sativex combines two active components of cannabis to help treat the involuntary muscle movements experienced by those with multiple sclerosis. It is also on trial in the US to help treat cancer pain.

The drug is manufactured by GW Pharmaceuticals based in Porton Down. Justin Gover, managing director of GW Pharmaceuticals stated, “Attracting a company the calibre of Novartis does send a final message that there’s serious science supporting this area.”


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