Olympic anti doping lab to become research facility

The Telegraph has reported that the Olympics anti-doping laboratory  is to be developed after the Games into what officials say will be a world-class research facility that could help revolutionise healthcare.

The lab was provided and equipped by GlaxoSmithKline to carry out more than 6,000 drug tests during the London Olympic and Paralympic Games.

After the games, the London 2012 drug testing laboratories in Harlow, Essex, will become the world’s first “Phenome Centre”, where experts will explore how different people respond to particular diseases and treatments, David Cameron will say.

The £10 million project is aimed at discovering the biological reasons why some people are more vulnerable to particular diseases than others, and why some drugs are only effective in certain patients.  It is hoped that it will help find treatments for conditions like dementia and obesity.


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Novartis Afinitor cancer treatment gets EU approval

As reported by Pharma times, Novartis’s Afinitor has now been approved in Europe as a treatment for advanced breast cancer.

The European Commission has approved Afinitor (everolimus) for use in combination with Pfizer’s Aromasin (exemestane) to treat certain postmenopausal women with advanced hormone-receptor positive, HER2-negative breast cancer

Herve Hoppenot, Novartis Oncology president, said the approval of Afinitor is “an important milestone marking the first major advance for women in the European Union with hormone receptor-positive advanced breast cancer since the introduction of aromatase inhibitors more than 15 years ago!”

This could mean that by boosting the effectiveness of endocrine therapy, Afinitor significantly extends the time women with hormone receptor-positive advanced breast cancer live without tumour progression.

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GSK, UCB & Eisai partner with NHS in unique project

The PharmaTimes reported that GSK, UCB and Eisai have formed a unique joint working partnership with the public sector that aims to improve the management of patients with epilepsy in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland.

The 3 companies have joined with NHS Dumfries and Galloway and Epilepsy Scotland in the hope that working more closely together will significantly benefit over 1,500 patients with the condition living in the area

Under the plans a specialist nurse from Epilepsy Scotland will provide training to a wide range of healthcare professionals in order to enhance staff expertise, developing new pathways and protocols as well as providing advice and support for further staff training.


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Amgen acquires Turkish drug maker for $700 Million

Reuters reported that Biotechnology giant Amgen are set to buy Mustafa Nevzat Pharmaceuticals for almost $700 million to expand in Amgens market share in Turkey, where economic growth is boosting demand for medicines.

Mustafa Nevzat Pharmaceuticals (MN) is the leading supplier of pharmaceuticals to the hospital sector and a major supplier of injectable medicines in Turkey. It also has a successful and fast growing export business. Sales of pharmaceuticals are growing faster in emerging markets than in Europe and the United States, making them attractive to companies like Amgen.  Amgen’s focus on Turkey and the surrounding region is part of a broad international expansion strategy,” the company said in the statement.

The deal will give Amgen a platform for its own medicines in the fast-growing region, as well as providing scope to diversify and expand its product range as it loses exclusivity over its existing top-selling medicines.

Robert A. Bradway, president and chief operating officer at Amgen “Amgen is dedicated to making our innovative medicines available to patients in major markets around the world….Together with MN’s staff and management team, we plan to grow our business with high quality and innovative medicines in Turkey and the surrounding region.”

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GSK Breast Cancer Trial Scaled Back

Inpharm.com has reported that GlaxoSmithKline is to scale back a phase III clinical trial looking into potential breast cancer treatments.

The trial, which has been running since 2007, is evaluating the effectiveness of the breast cancer drug Tyverb in four different combinations, following surgery. The patients in the trial receive either Tyverb, Roche’s established drug Herceptin, Herceptin followed by Tyverb or both drugs.

An interim report has indicated that the patients only receiving Tyverb are not demonstrating any improvement compared to Herceptin, so that arm of the trial has been discontinued. Those who are halting their treatment are to discuss other options with trial physicians. 8,400 patients are taking part in the study, and the remaining three trials are to continue as normal.

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Amgen Creates 100 New Jobs in Dublin

Amgen, one of the largest manufacturers of pharmaceutical products in the world, has announced it is opening a new factory in Dublin, reports careersportal.ie.

The building of the new manufacturing plant, to be based in Dun Laoghaire, by the pharmaceutical product developer, is to create up to 100 jobs in the area. Added to the pharmaceutical roles created by the new site, construction workers will be needed, so as many as 400 jobs will be temporarily created.

The opening of the plant comes just months after Amgen purchased Pfizer’s old site nearby. Amgen, founded thirty years ago, has quickly established itself as a major force in the global pharmaceutical business, with over 500 staff in the UK alone.

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Cancer Research UK Open Hertfordshire Manufacturing Plant

testtubes1As reported by the Financial Times, the world’s largest cancer charity, Cancer Research UK plans to set up its own £18m Biotherapeutics Development Unit at their Clare Hall site in Hertfordshire, UK.

The manufacturing plant will make experimental biotech drugs for clinical trials, its first product being an antibody designed to stimulate the patient’s immune system to fight cancer. It is hoped the plant will make five or six drugs for clinical trials in the course of one year. There is also likley to be some capacity for use of the lab by pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Speaking of the new Biotherapeutics Development Unit, Heike Lentfer, head of the manufacturing unit, stated: “It’s a real boost being able to make the products that our scientists need for life-saving research into cancer – it is more cost effective and efficient, allowing us to work in a more innovative way to find exciting new treatments to beat cancer.”

Until this point, Cancer Research UK has mainly outsourced the manufacturing of biotech products such as antibodies now used in cancer treatments.

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Celgene to Acquire Abraxis BioScience in Deal

space4work2As reported by the Associated Press, the multinational biopharmaceutical company, Celgene has announced that it is planning to buy the biotechnology company Abraxis BioScience for $2.9billion. The acquisition marks a move by Celgene to boost their presence in oncology.

Abraxis’ cancer drug, Abraxane, is a chemotherapy treatment approved for use in metastic breast cancer. It uses a human protein called albumin, to deliver the chemotherapy, as opposed to other chemography drugs that use chemical solvents, thus eliminating the need for premedication with steroids or antihistamines for hypersensitivity reactions that are caused by chemical solvents. If Abraxane is approved for those other uses, the value of the deal could rise by as much as $3.55 billion.

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Bayer Healthcare to Create Pharmaceutical Jobs

The pharmaceutical division of Bayer Healthcare is planning to establish an Innovation Centre in San Francisco which will in turn create pharmaceutical jobs.

The new Innovation Centre is being created by Bayer in a bid to expand it’s global research network and introduces a newly formed ‘Science Hub’ which will see collaborations with academic research scientists and smaller biotech firms.

The new development will create approximately 65 new pharmaceutical jobs. The new pharmaceutical jobs will be housed at 455 Mission Bay -This is in fact the building which pharmaceutical giant Pfizer left vacant last July.

The new Innovation Centre will be run by Terry Hermiston, the Vice President of Biologics Research at Bayer.  Speaking of the new centre he stated, “We wanted to be where the cutting-edge research was being done and there was space available.”

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CK Clinical Have Expanded Their Biometrics Team

Due to their continued success, CK Clinical, the leading specialist pharmaceutical recruitment consultancy, has expanded their biometrics recruitment team, by adding another specialist pharmaceutical recruitment consultant to their team.

Priya Mukherjee has joined CK Clinical as a Senior Recruitment Consultant. Priya has a wealth of experience in recruiting for CRO’s and Pharmaceutical companies.

Speaking of Priya’s arrival to CK Clinical, Manager, Ben Traies stated:

“Priya brings with her a wealth of experience in the biometrics arena and will join the CK Clinical team to help grow our service offering in Europe.

Priya began her life science recruitment career in 2006 and has built an enviable reputation in the pharma/biotech space. Her success is built on an honest and transparent approach, and thus she has forged strong relationships with both clients and candidates during this time.

We wish Priya every success in her career with CK Clinical.”

Priya is handling positions in Clinical Data Management, SAS Programming, Clinical Statistics, Clinical Coding, CRF Design, Database Build and ECD Technology. She has a great track record of developing relationships with candidates in these disciplines, as these recommendations highlight:

  • “Priya has provided me with some exceptional service in and around the Data Management industry in this difficult time of the current economic climate, her amazing attitude and willingness to listen, support and find a positive solution in every challenge I have put forward to her has been immensely satisfying and would recommend her service delivery knowledge and skills of the industry to all.” – Clinical Database Designer
  • “Priya has proved to be an excellent recruitment consultant maintaining the highest standards from vacancy identification though interview, recruitment and in role support.” DMPL Contractor
  • “Priya Mukherjee is customer-oriented, dynamic, enthusiastic and excellent in social and interpersonal contacts. She motivates people and is able to handle multiple tasks to meet timelines.” – Clinical Data Manager.

We have every confidence that Priya will continue to add value to recruitment experiences of both clients and candidates at CK Clinical.

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Whether you are looking for a temporary contract member of staff or a permanent addition to your team, CK Clinical will help you recruit staff quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. We demonstrate complete transparency throughout our specialist pharmaceutical recruitment process and how our rates are calculated so that you can be sure that you are getting a high quality service at a fair price.

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