Sanofi develops the ‘best treatment for MS’

As reported by The Pharma Times, a multiple sclerosis (MS) drug, Alemtuzumab, developed by the Sanofi company, Genzyme,

is ‘the best treatment for MS’, according to UK researchers.

Alemtuzumab is being tested for its use for treating those MS patients whose symptoms develop randomly and then fade. MS is a debilitating disease whereby your immune system attacks your own nerve fibres. Alemtuzumab works by rebooting the immune system to put a stop to the attacks.

The first trial of Alemtuzumab focused on those patients who have never been treated for MS before. Over the two years of the study, only one in five patients relapsed and developed symptoms. This was compared to 2 in 5 patients given the MS treatment, Interferon.

The second trial focused on those patients who had relapsed after current treatments. Results indicated that 35 per cent suffered relapse, compared to 51 per cent of patients given Interferon.

Further studies have also indicated that those patients taking Alemtuzumab have significantly less brain volume loss. So, it seems that Alemtuzumab can not only halt the progression of nerve damage caused by MS, but it can also reverse it.

Dr Alasdair Coles, from the University of Cambridge who worked on the trials, said: “Although other MS drugs have emerged over the last year, which is certainly good news for patients, none has shown superior effects on disability when compared to interferon except alemtuzumab.”


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Sanofi develops the ‘best treatment for MS’   Sanofi develops the ‘best treatment for MS’   Sanofi develops the ‘best treatment for MS’   Sanofi develops the ‘best treatment for MS’

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