Rosy Future for Pharma

The future of pharmaceuticals may look worrying on the surface, but for many companies, such as GlaxoSmithKline, the opposite is in fact true, reports the Independent.

Whilst it seems that new drugs are becoming harder to develop as they often cannot effectively compete with existing drugs, most major pharmaceutical companies are more than equipped to continue successfully in the future. GSK, for example, has many promising drugs in the development stage at the moment, which the company believes will be granted regulatory approval in the next two years.

AstraZeneca, Shire and Hikma are three other companies who are facing the same problems and coming up with the same solutions. Shire in particular are doing well. The company has tripled profits in four years by buying and developing early stage drugs, with profits put back into the company to further develop their drugs. It seems with companies such as these, pharmaceutical development’s future is not so worrying as it has been portrayed.

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