Roche skin cancer drug shown to extend life

As reported by Reuters, according to data from a late-stage clinical trial, Roche’s melanoma drug has been shown to increase the lives of patients by more than a year.

The oral drug, Zelboraf is a targeted and personalised treatment for those skin cancer patients who have a Roche skin cancer drug shown to extend lifemutation of a gene known as BRAF (this accounts for approximately half of all melanoma patients, which is the deadliest form of skin cancer).

Results from the clinical trials indicated that those patients taking Zelboraf, survived for an average of 13.2 months, compared to 9.6 months for those patients who received dacarbazine chemotherapy. This translates into a 38 per cent reduction in the risk of death from the disease.

Speaking of the new melanoma drug, Jennifer Low, Group Medical Director in Product Development for Roche’s Genentech unit, stated, “The life expectancy for these patients isn’t very long, so they have an opportunity to have therapy that on average improves survival by a really significant amount, and then of course there are also people who do (even) better.”

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