Roche & Bristol Myers-Squibb – cancer treatments

As reported by Cancer Research UK, the pharmaceutical companies Roche and Bristol Myers-Squibb are working with Cancer Research to plan global trials to develop targeted cancer treatments.

The trials will test for a number of gene faults that are linked to cancer. The results will then be compared to the results of treatment to specific faults within cancer cells.

Roche and Bristol Myers-Squibb work with Cancer Research on targeted cancer treatmentsSwiss-based pharmaceutical company, Roche will aim to determine whether or not their targeted skin cancer drug, vemuranfenib is effective for a range of difference cancer. Whereas Bristol-Myers Squibb is seeking health authority and ethics approval.

Michelle Rashford, medical director, Roche UK said: “The stratified medicines programme run by Cancer Research UK is an exciting initiative, as the opportunity to test tumour samples for a range of biomarkers is an important step in the continued development of personalised medicines.  Our VE-Basket study of vemurafenib in patients with V600 mutation positive cancers across different disease areas will allow us to identify patients that may benefit from treatment, and get closer to the goal of truly targeted medicines that provide better patient outcomes, reduce unnecessary side effects and ultimately deliver life-saving and life-prolonging treatments.”

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