Remote Working: How to Work Effectively from Home

Under the current circumstances many employees are choosing, or being asked, to work remotely rather than venturing into the work environment. This is being done to reduce the risk of spreading the virus and lessen the long-term impacts on businesses.

Working remotely in an effective manner takes effort – as it can sometimes feel disruptive and unfamiliar – so here are some top tips to stay productive whilst in the comfort of your home.

Find your work space

Some people think working from home means lying on the couch with the TV on. Working like this is not viable, and certainly not productive.

If you are working remotely make sure you have a home office or suitable desk space dedicated to work, with little distractions around you.

This will not only help you concentrate but will also allow you to leave your dedicated work area and disconnect once your working day is over.

Introduce routine

When you work from home it is easy to lose routine as well as get physically lazy –and this in turn can affect your way of working.

A good idea is to start the day as you would if you were leaving the house– for example get ready, have breakfast and go for a walk – to get prepped for the busy day ahead.

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