Race Hot’s Up For GSK Investment

The North West Evening Mail has reported the on-going attempts for various towns to attract pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline’s next big investment in the UK.

The half a billion pound investment to build a new biopharmaceutical plant is to be built in one of five places, with the Evening Mail reporting on a site near Ulverston’s attempts to gain the 300 potential jobs. The local council has guaranteed GSK planning permission on an existing plant, and has also dropped the planning fees which could have cost nearly £100,000, as incentives.

Councillor Graham Vincent has voiced his approval of the scheme, believing his council needs to fight for the “incredible” investment potential. The site would be at the cutting edge of the biopharmaceutical industry and set itself apart from traditional chemical manufacturing. However, the council is not being naïve about the race for the investment, determined to do all it can to secure the development which could bring in upwards of £10 million annually for whichever council is chosen. Barnard’s Castle in Durham, as well as plants in Montrose and Irvine in Scotland, are also being considered.

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