Pharmaceutical companies and charities join forces to launch cancer genetics project

As reported by the Pharmaceutical Business Review, pharmaceutical companies such as AstraZeneca and Pfizer are launching the ‘Stratified Medicine Programme’ in conjunction with Cancer Research UK and the UK Technology Strategy Board.

The programme has been designed to develop ‘personalised cancer treatment’ which will use a screening programme to test tumours for key genetic changes.

It is hoped that the results from the programme will enable doctors to choose the right drug for each patient as these drugs will target specific genes and mutations that can cause the development of cancer. The programme will also allow patients to be treated according to the specific genetic faults in their tumour.

The research may also enable us to see how exactly genetics affect people’s responses to various cancer drugs.

The ‘Stratified Medicines Programme’ will begin by looking into mutations in the breast, bowl, lung, skin and ovaries. Samples will be collected from 9,000 patients.

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