Pharma Company Withdraws Diabetes Drug

Pharma Company Withdraw Diabetes DrugAs reported by The Telegraph, the pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk is planning to withdraw its insulin drug, Mixtard 30 – potentially putting thousands of diabetic patients at risk.

Writing to The Daily Telegraph, leading academics from universities across the country have warned that a transfer to newer diabetes drugs will cost the NHS £9 million and will further  increase the workload of the health service, which is already facing significant job cuts. Not only that, but the academics have also stated that there is no evidence that the new drugs are any more effective, they are just more expensive.

The academics stated, “We are alarmed by Novo Nordisk’s attitude to people with diabetes whom rely on Mixtard 30 and we urge the company to reverse a decision that is not in the interests of patients, health care professionals or the NHS.”

Mixtard 30 is taken by approximately 90,000 people across the UK and is widely used among children. Speaking of the withdrawal of the medicine, one clinician stated that it could cause mayhem, “It is an open secret that the withdrawal of that product, at this time, would be difficult for the NHS.”

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