Pharma companies face talent shortage from overseas

In an article in the Telegraph on Sunday, it was stated that British based drug companies have been struggling to attract talent from overseas since the Brexit vote.

One Executive International Recruiter (DHR International) has produced data that shows the proportion of applicants from outside the UK for senior roles at pharmaceutical firms has fallen from around 40% to 15% in the year and a half since the referendum.

The Telegraph also stated that drug maker AstraZeneca said that, while it was “in part reassured” by the Government’s commitment to the sector since the referendum, it remained concerned.

An AstraZeneca spokesman said: “Continuing uncertainty around Brexit is impacting recruitment for skilled roles and we anticipate that some international applicants may go elsewhere until they know more about their future employment and security for their families in the UK.”

This article echoes the thoughts that were stated last year in the Independent by Ivan Jimanez, the head of Bizkaia Talent, an organisation that aims to keep skilled people in the Basque Country.
Nearly 50% of Basque graduates have science, technology and engineering qualifications which are critical to the UK economy. The UK has relied on attracting overseas talent for a long time and it’s been widely accepted that not enough British students have been studying these subjects to keep up with the demand. Because of the economic situation in Spain, the UK became a more favoured destination for Basques. Jimanez states that following the Brexit vote, this flow is beginning to reverse.

The CK Group is tackling this issue by casting the net far and wide to attract talent for our customers including setting up a new office in Switzerland to meet the growing demand for talent here. As members of the International Network of recruitment Agencies in Life Sciences (Inrals), CK Group are in an enviable position where we have the ability to access talent and help our customers recruit in up to 56 countries.

If your talent attraction strategy needs an additional measure to help you secure talent for the UK from overseas, please get in touch with us to see how we can help.

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Author: Jonathan Hart-Smith

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