Pfizer to Close Six Research Branches and Cut 15% of Research Jobs

Pfizer are the largest research-based pharmaceutical company in the world. Employing over 4,000 staff in the UK, they are a key player in the pharmaceutical job market.

Following their recent £40bn acquisition of Wyeth, it has been announced that Pfizer will close six of its twenty research and development sites and cut 15% research jobs at their UK and US

The closures have come about as a result of Pfizer’s vast reorganization after acquiring the leading pharmaceutical and healthcare company, Wyeth. The aim of this acquisition was to improve research productivity, whilst cutting costs. Pfizer stated in a statement, “While these changes are expected to bolster productivity and reduce costs, they will result in staff reductions.” The money saved as a result, will be injected into research on key diseases Pfizer is targeting, including Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, pain and inflammation, diabetes and infectious diseases.

Pfizer’s research and development activities will now be focused at 5 main sites and nine specialized units, compared with 20 prior to Pfizer’s acquisition of Wyeth. Pfizer stated, “While these changes are expected to bolster productivity and reduce costs, they will result in staff reductions.”

The pharmaceutical industry is a fast-paced one. With constant innovation, comes constant and sometimes unwanted change. Unfortunately, as a result of mergers and acquisitions such as that mentioned above, there has been a spate of redundancies in the UK pharmaceutical industry.

If you have been a victim of redundancy in the pharmaceutical industry you may well be feeling disheartened, but CK Clinical can assure you that this will not affect your employability or hinder your career progression.

Here at CK Clinical, we understand that redundancy can be a stressful and difficult experience and we are here to help you get back into work. Our specialist pharmaceutical recruitment consultants aim to make this process as simple and enjoyable as possible for you by providing you with assistance with CV writing, interview preparation and advice about the career opportunities available.

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