Pfizer Strike Deal With Scottish Stem Cell Company

Roslin Cells, of Scotland, has made an agreement with Pfizer to give access to Roslin’s pluripotent stem cells and assess their clinical viability, reports

No details of the deal were disclosed, in terms of financial transactions, though it gave Aiden Courtney, CEO of Roslin, the opportunity to say his company have had the chance to establish “the capability to derive new stem cell lines to the standards required for their use as the starting material for a clinical therapy.”

Pfizer is evaluating the use of the stem cells for potential use in clinical trials, something Courtney is “delighted” to say. Pfizer has shown interest in stem cells, both for use in clinical trials and as a therapy, and following the launch of Roslin’s Cell Therapy Partner Programme in October 2010, offering commercial access to therapies and expertise in stem cells, the company seemed to feel the opportunity was too good to pass up.

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