North East Vital for UK Pharma

The North East is a key area for pharmaceutical regeneration in the UK, reports

Several North East pharmaceutical businesses have grown, such as SCM Pharma, who recently announced the expansion of their Northumberland plant, Aesica Pharmaceuticals, who have recorded a 300% turnover increase in the past five years and as we have reported before, TryggPharma have reopened a facility formerly owned by Lundbeck (here).

The North East is also the only region in the UK which can call itself a net exporter, with a quarter of the £12 billion worht of exports coming from the pharmaceutical industry. Over 35% of the UK’s GDP from pharmaceuticals is also derived from the area. The North East can also claim that companies are beginning to relocate back there, reversing the earlier trend of business moving away.

The academic expertise found in England’s North Eastern universities, coupled with the practical expertise of the clinical trials, research and development and drug manufacturing found in the pharmaceutical companies means that the area is a thriving thanks to the pharmaceutical industry.

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