New Clinical Test to Reduce Chemotherapy Treatments

Chemotherapy treatments for women with breast cancer could be reduced thanks to a new clinical test which can better predict the likelihood of recurrence, reports the Pharma Times.

The test, called the PAM50, will be used to indicate those who are being treated for breast cancer are most suited for chemotherapy. Currently around 50,000 women are treated for breast cancer annually, meaning that this test could impact the lives of many. However, the test is not fool proof, as it places many women in the intermediate risk category, meaning that in these cases it is still up to the doctors to decide.

Whilst the PAM50 test is more expensive than those currently available clinically, it does give more useful information and places fewer women than current tests into the intermediate category, leading to better treatments for more sufferers. It has been therefore suggested that the test, due to its greater medical relevancy, is more cost effective than current methods.

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