Napp Announced as 5th Best Company to Work for 2010

Napp Pharmaceutical Holdings, part of a worldwide association of independent pharmaceutical companies, has been announced as the 5th best company to work for by The Sunday Times. This is the first time in the 4 years the company has entered the contest, that they have broken into the top 5.

According to the survey conducted by The Sunday Times, one in five employees at Napp has worked at the company for over a decade. Further impressive findings include:

  • 84% of staff believe the company makes a difference to the world.
  • 83% love working for the company and are happy with their pay and benefits.
  • 69% of staff believe they are paid fairly for the work they do relative to others in the organization.
  • 71% say their salary reflects their responsibilities.
  • 77% of staff report that Managers regularly express their appreciation when a team member does a good job.
  • 80% believe that working at Napp is good for personal growth.

This positive culture at Napp has been the product of Managing Director, Antony Mattessich. He introduced the company ‘charter’ which established four core aims of the organization. This initiative allows employees to have their say on the direction of the business, giving them the freedom to discuess with the departments as to how they can help the firm meet its objectives.

Julie Worth, Area Sales Manager, has been part of the charter group. “It just amazed me — I was actually having a say in how the business was run,” she says. “You’re working with directors and you learn that people are genuinely approachable. They really listen.”

Mattessich’s positive impact on the company was reflected in the results of the survey conducted by The Sunday Times:

  • 73% of employees agree that senior managers listen to staff.
  • 81% feel inspired by Mattessich’s leadership.
  • 87% of employees are proud to work for the company.

So, what in your opinion makes a company a good place to work? Please feel free to share your comments and stories below.

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