Medical Affairs: Career Progression Routes to Consider

Medical Affairs serves as the bridge between the industry and the wider medical community. This function is uniquely tasked with managing external relationships with key thought leaders within the scientific community across a range of therapeutic specialisms, as well as with patient groups, authorities and beyond.

Those within Medical Affairs work within a cross-functional environment, effectively linking science and commercial activity. The primary focus of medical affairs roles is to provide scientific and clinical support for commercial products and in effect act as the medical face of a pharmaceutical company.

It is a crucial function in any pharmaceutical company and there are a variety of roles and progression pathways to build your career. Take a look at some of the routes:

First steps

Medical Information involves handling enquiries around company products, both externally from healthcare professionals and patients and internally, for example from sales and marketing teams and providing an accurate response.

Some enquiries are straightforward and can be answered with a standard response from company product information but as you get more experienced in Medical Information you will handle more complex enquiries that involve literature searching and preparing responses.

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