UK Pharma Company Supplies Drugs for US Executions

iStock_000006963239Medium[1]As reported by the Guardian, Dream Pharma, an independent pharmaceutical wholesaler, has supplied drugs used for executing death row inmates at a prison in Arizona.

Dream Pharma, was paid over £4,000 by the prison to produce three drugs used in lethal injections.

The company operate out of a West London driving school and is run by Mehdi Alavi.

At the time, it appears that sales of the chemicals was not illegal. However, the  anti-death penalty charity, Reprieve said Dream Pharma were responsible to selling drugs to Arizona which were used in the execution of Jeffrey Landgrian (a death row inmate) on 26th October 2010, and will be responsible for the deaths of many more prisoners.

Speaking of the revelations, Alavi, Managing Director of Dream Pharma stated: “I have no comment. I am not an articulate man. I don’t want to put my foot in it.”

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