Is using a recruiter the best way to find the right staff?

CK Group MD, Jonathan Hart-Smith has created a short article answering the often asked question, should I use a recruiter?

Here is a snapshot of his response, it might surprise you.

Should you use a recruitment consultant to help find your staff? As somebody that operates a recruitment company, you would expect the answer to be yes!

However, the answer is actually, “not always”.  Using an external recruiter has a time and place.  In the current age of technology, if you have the time, resource and budget to find the right talent to support your business then using an external recruiter can be a genuine luxury.

Having said this though, there are times and sectors in which a good recruiter can be worth their weight in gold.  Knowing when and how to use a recruiter will make it a positive experience and get the results you want for all concerned.

A combination of uncertainty in the UK economy as a whole, given a looming Brexit and a shortage of qualified scientists creates an environment where attracting a talented person away from their current role to join your business is tough…………

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Author: Jonathan Hart-Smith – MD

Jon Hart Smith - CEO


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