Investment in Pharma R&D Falls

pillswhiteAs reported by Thomson Reuters, investment in R&D within the pharmaceutical industry fell in 2009. Consequentially this has sparked concerns about the future of the pharmaceutical sector.

According to a report in the annual yearbook of CMR International, a drug consultancy, spending on new drugs fell by 0.3 per cent. The report also highlighted a reliance on older drugs within the pharma industry with sales from products launched within the past five years accounting for just 7 per cent of total drug sales and as little as 2.3 per cent of the large pharmaceutical companies.

Failure rates of experimental drugs are also continuing to rise, with every 12 drugs entering pre-clinical research, only two of which make it to Phase 3 and only one is submitted to regulators for approval as safe for patients.

Jane Sharples, general manager of CMR, said: “There is a real problem with innovation. The science is getting more difficult, and companies really need to understand how a product works in order to succeed.”

According to the report, total investment into the various therapy areas is distributed as follows:

–       Cancer – 18 per cent

–       Cardiovascular therapies – 15 per cent

–       Central nervous system – 12 per cent

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