Top Tips to Recruit a Contractor

We recently surveyed our candidates and contractors to find out what would motivate them to accept a contract role. Here are the results and our top tips.

Top Tips to Recruit a Contractor Infographic

Is your recruiting process costing you candidates?

The life science industries are facing a skills gap with 70% of employers saying they sometimes find it hard to find the right staff and 30% saying most of the time they find it hard to recruit. As such the pool of quality candidates is reducing creating a more competitive market. From the findings of our survey of UK-based pharmaceutical professionals and specialist recruiters, here are our top tips on how to attract candidates and improve the recruitment process: click the infographic and zoom in.

Infographic giving top tips to improve recruitment processes

Ever thought about a career in the drug discovery and development sector?

Do you have a qualification in the life sciences, mathematics, statistics or economics? Would you like a job that contributes to medical care around the world? Do you want to earn an excellent wage? Have you thought about a career in the drug discovery and development industry? In the pharmaceutical industry, over a quarter of employment involves highly skilled research and development roles that command a premium wage. According to the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI), in the UK alone, the industry employs over 70,000 people with a further 6,200 people working for specialist companies supplying services to the sector. There are many areas within the sector where there are severe skills shortages and where qualified workers are in demand. This infographic shows you how to get a foot in the door. Click the infographic and zoom in.

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How to prepare for the STAR interview technique

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What motivates QA professionals?

Over the past few years the CK Group has found the recruitment of quality professionals increasingly challenging so we performed some market research to identify what the core motivators are for QA people. Find out what the results were here