Hepatitis C vaccine clinical trials show promising results

As reported by the BBC News, researchers at Oxford University have stated that the initial clinical trials of a new hepatitis C vaccine have shown promising results. Hepatitis C is notoriously difficult to treat as the virus changes it’s appearance all the time – this is makes it difficult to find something to target. However, researchers have stated in Science Translational Medicine, that a trial on 41 patients has had good results. It is believed that this is because the vaccine targets the core of the virus, and not the surface markings which change over time.   About the clinical trials The Phase 1 trial was conducted on 41 healthy patients with the aim of determining whether it would be safe to run future clinical trials. Results indicated a strong immune response which lasted for approximately one year.  Talking of the results, Prof Klenerman stated: “The immune responses we’ve seen are exciting and we are beginning the next stage of trials. While we are hopeful, it could be a long road to any vaccine that protects people against hepatitis C.” Click here to search our clinical research jobs now.

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