GSK Signs Nicotine Vaccine Deal


As reported in a recent Financial Times article, it has been announced that GlaxoSmithKline has paid Nabi Pharmaceuticals an upfront fee of $540 million, allowing them to both license the nicotine vaccine, NicVax, and to develop the next generation of nicotine vaccines.

Nabi began testing the nicotine vaccine 4 years ago as a result of funding from the National Institutes of Health. Nabi have now signed a $540million deal with pharmaceuticals giant, GlaxoSmithKline. As a result, NicVax has now entered the first of two Phase III trials. The vaccine is designed to both stop the nicotine in tobacco entering the brain, and to help create antibodies that bind to nicotine molecules, preventing them from passing from the blood to the brain.

Nabi also believes that this innovative vaccine could also be used to help prevent smoking relapse. Relapse rates can be known to be as high as 90% during the first year after the smoke quitters. In early trials it has been found that those vaccinated with NicVax were 3.5 times more likely not to be smoking again after a year. Jean Stephenne, President of GSK Biologicals, said that if approved, “This smoking cessation vaccine technology could be a novel solution to help the millions of smokers who want to stop smoking and remain abstinent; a habit that is well documented to be very hard to stop permanently”.

This deal highlights a move by the large pharmaceutical companies to expand their horizons by moving further into the field of vaccines, indicating that there is the potential for many jobs to be created within this field. To view CK Clinical’s latest pharmaceutical job vacancies, please click here.

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