GSK R&D Revamp Working

Pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline has conceded the need to revamp its research and development system, according to

As such, GSK has split its research teams into smaller units, a strategy that is beginning to bear fruit as a late stage trial has recorded positive results for a hepatitis C related illness. This follows other good news from GSK, including the EMA approval of Benlysta (reported here). The approval of the hepatitis C treatment was also good news for Ligand, GSK’s partner in the development of the treatment.

With fifteen late stage treatments currently being developed, and positive results posted for four out of five this year so far, GSK seems to be able to deliver on CEO Andrew Witty’s promise to boost sales in 2012. With 30 more phase III trial results expected on 15 possible drugs in the remainder of the year, it seems that Witty may well be able to reach his promised targets.

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