GSK Partner’s Engima in Diagnostics

GlaxoSmithKline has struck a deal with Enigma Diagnostics to develop new diagnostic tests, reports

The Enigma ML system is to be exclusively supplied and marketed across Europe and the world as part of the deal. Enigma is also to develop respiratory tests for GSK in order to quickly deliver a raw sample within a medical setting. GSK will be able to generate revenue from future tests in various therapies including infectious diseases.

Enigma chairman John McKinley believes the partnership will “deliver much needed ‘test and treat’ capability to infectious diseases management.” Eddie Gray, president of GSK’s European Pharmaceutical division, says that the joint venture is designed to “improve patient care through the provision of rapid, state of the art diagnostic tests.” Details of the transaction have not been disclosed, though GSK have made an up front payment, coupled with funding for research and bonuses for targets met.

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