Drug failure rates on the rise in Phase II and III clinical trials

As reported by, Med City News, according to a recent analysis by the Centre for Medicines Research in the UK, since 2008, drug failure rates have been steadily rising in Phase II and III clinical trials.

The analysis found that sixty-eight per cent of Phase  II failures between 2008 and 2010 fell into five therapeutic areas:

  1. Alimentary/metabolism (including diabetes) (23%)
  2. Cancer (20%)
  3. Neurological disorders (16%)
  4. Cardiovascular diseases (11%)
  5. Other (32%)


When looking at Phase III clinical trials, the study found that the failure rate is at approximately fifty per cent – this has risen since 2007. These failures fell into the same therapeutic areas as outlined above.  Sixty-six percent of these failures were due to lack of efficacy, while twenty-one percent failed due to concerns with safety.

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