Contracting: An Increasingly Attractive Career and Lifestyle Choice

The line between work and home life is becoming increasingly blurry, with many of us using mobile devices to stay connected with colleagues throughout the day and into the evening.  Our work lives and our personal lives are in constant competition for our time and attention. This competition for time is one of the reasons why the world of work is changing fast.

At CK, we see career development opportunities in both contract and permanent roles, but increasingly highly skilled people are looking at contracting as one of the ways to help them manage the growing demands on time.

There are perks and benefits of a permanent role like stability, security and pension contributions but there are also perks to being a contractor. More and more people are looking at contract work as an attractive career and lifestyle choice for the following reasons:

  • Higher Earning Potential
    Skilled contractors that are in high demand and short supply are often paid more per hour than their permanent counterparts. Obviously, there are perks and benefits that permanent workers receive such as enhanced pensions, paid leave and sick pay etc. but if you aren’t looking for these, contracting can be highly lucrative.
  • Take Back Control
    Contracting gives you the opportunity to decide what work you take on and when. If you are in a profession that means you can complete work outside of the office, you can also decide when and where you do the work.
  • Avoid Office Politics 
    As a contractor, you are not part of the business on a long term basis so do not have to get involved in jockeying for position or worrying about your next promotion or appraisal.  You can leave work at the end of the day and concentrate on your home life.
  • Flexibility
    If you are not tied to the office 9-5 for 48 weeks of the year, you can decide when you take breaks from contracts and plan holidays without having to worry about your annual allowance.
  • Increased Knowledge and Experience
    Contracting provides you with the opportunity to work with a range of companies on different projects which can accelerate the exposure you get to new experiences, technology and situations.
  • Network
    Building up your professional network through working in different companies and environments means that you can become well connected quickly. Building and maintaining good relationships with people you meet through contract work can lead to more work opportunities in the future.
  • See the World
    As a contractor you are likely to be highly skilled and in demand.  If you wanted to broaden your experience and see more of the world, why not consider short to medium contracts in other countries to get a taste of real life and culture in other countries whilst continue to further your professional development.

If you are considering your options as a contractor, the CK team are here to help. Contact us today to discuss your next career move.

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