Common Regulatory Affairs Interview Questions

There are a number of interview questions you could be asked during the application for a regulatory affairs role, and the questions involved vary based on the specific role you are applying for.

To ensure that you are prepared and increase your chances of success, we recommend studying the job description. From this, you may be able to predict some of the types of questions that are likely to be asked at the interview.

Some questions you could be asked during your interview include:

  • It is likely that you will be asked about occasions when you have dealt with regulatory authorities or agencies. Your answer should be specific here, you can add which agencies you have had experience working with based on your region – such as MHRA (UK), EMA (Europe) or the FDA (USA). Likewise, consider the different types of applications submitted to the UK/EU health authorities.
  • If the position you are applying for is European based, you may be asked about the experience you have working with European submissions and procedures.

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