Coalition Government’s £50M Cancer Drugs Fund

Scientific researchAs reported by the PharmaTimes, as a result of the coalition government’s pledged Cancer Drugs Fund, a new £50 million for cancer drugs will be made available from October until next April.

Government ministers say that the funding will give thousands of cancer patients access to drugs which they doctors say they need but that are not routinely available on the NHS.

Many of the cancer drugs which will become available to patients as a result of this funding may be treatements which the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) has rejected, as well as those being described in “off-label” or “near-label” circumstances.

The announcement comes as research conducted by Professor Sir Mike Richards, Nationak Cancer Director found that whilst the UK has high levels of usage of cancer medicines in areas such as cardiovascular disease, the UK lags behind European countries in it’s uptake of more innovative medicines.

It is hoped that the £50 million funding for cancer drugs will help improve this situation. As stated by the Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley:
“This funding will help ensure that this happens, and that we meet the needs of cancer patients immediately while we set about our longer-term plans to change the way we pay for drugs so that patients get better access to medicines and the NHS gets better value for money.”

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