The demand for CRA’s continues to grow

At CK Clinical we have been monitoring the volume of Clinical Research Associate roles that have been advertised across several job boards to see if we can spot trends for nearly 2 years.

Over the last month we have noticed a unexpected surge in numbers, with CRA vacancies increasing by approximately 50%. To understand the cause of this we have been reviewing the clinical research industry, and speaking to our own recruitment team to see what could have driven this increase.

Following this examination we have identified that the increase has been driven by Clinical Research Organisations who are responding to the demand from pharmaceutical and biotech companies who are outsourcing their drug development.

The CRO industry has grown extensively over recent years as more and more drug development projects are outsourced as a cost efficiency exercise. The impact of this increase is CRO’s requiring additional employees to service the clinical trials, as well as supplementary teams to help them win further outsourced business.

This is a trend we predict will continue over the next five years with clinical trials being run by CRO’s positioned across the globe, and the demand for CRA’s growing to respond to the trend.

As a result of this change in the market place, the role of a CRA has evolved with new skills being sought, such as:

  • language skills
  • flexibility in terms of location
  • ability to work remotely
  • multiple therapy/phase experience
  • full ‘life-cycle’ experience of a trial, from initial outset and start-up to close out.

If you are interesting in becoming a CRA or would like more advice on how to enhance your skills to appeal to Clinical Research Organisations contact our dedicated Clinical Research recruitment team on or call 01246 457733.