Principal Statistician/Programmer

  • Salary: £60,000 per annum/contract equivalent
  • Location: Flexible on location
  • Availability: 1 Months Notice

This candidate is an experienced Principal Statistician and Programmer with strong experience in data access, management, analysis and presentation with expertise in various statistical packages and software (R, SAS – experience using SAS for data manipulation and analytic capability, SPSS).

Some of their relevant experience includes:

  • Extensive experience in acquiring and managing large, complex data sets using common DBMS tools such as MS Access, Oracle, SAS and Visual Basic Programming Language.
  • Extensive experience working in a client support organisation responsible for implementing and/or supporting complex information management tools.
  • Detailed knowledge of data systems and coding practices, used within the NHS, including Acute Trusts and GP Practice Systems, especially as it relates to extracting information for analytic/reporting purposes.
  • Use of advanced time series regression analysis in a marketing-mix modelling context
  • Excellent working knowledge of spreadsheet software with the ability to design linked – data spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel. Extensive experience in Spreadsheet data modelling.
  • Extensively worked with SAS programming features such as SAS Base, SAS Macro, SAS/Graph, SAS/SQL, SAS/ETS.
  • Worked with statisticians to implement significance tests for the data to make statistical inferences and produced reports with various descriptive statistics, graphs, using SAS.
  • Consultancy experience in Statistical and Econometrics modelling utilizing statistical techniques that are commonly employed in Database Marketing and Direct Marketing such as logistic regression, conjoint analysis, generalised linear model, multiple linear regression, decision trees, performance analysis, time series analysis and post-campaign ROI analytics.
  • Good Knowledge of market segmentation and propensity modelling.

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