Drug Safety Team Leader/Manager

Salary expectations: £34 phr – £40 phr charge
Location: South East/London
Availability: Immediate
Ref: 224602

  • Candidate is a Biology graduate from Tokyo, who has spent some of her life in the US
  • Excellent communicator that comes across very clear, friendly and professional on the phone, able to converse in high business level English
  • Relocating to the UK at the end of September, and will be on a Youth Mobility Visa for 2 years
  • Acts as deputy leader of the Case Processing Expert team in her current role that she is due to finish soon, before moving to the UK
  • Proficient in successfully managing case processing of 100+ case processors (including internal and external vendors) based in Japan and China to ensure all cases are submitted within local reporting timelines
  • Experienced in working with global case processors based in India so daily cases go through on time for all relevant countries,
  • Very knowledgeable in implementing new processing rules, and taken care of audit CAPAs
  • Experienced in performing gap assessments between global and local Standard Operating Procedures (SOP); authoring local SOP revisions and participating in self-inspections when necessary
  • Experienced in working as Scientist in charge of marketed products and investigational drugs for neurological disorders
  • Skilled in evaluating cases and reporting ICSRs, including spontaneous, literature, clinical trials, and Post-marketing surveillance

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Email hmoolman@ckclinical.co.uk or call 01438 842970