Writing a job description

Preparing and writing a job description is not a legal requirement for a company, but if you have ever been audited by the MHRA or the FDA you will appreciate that they will want to see proof that you have a clear definition of what your staff should be doing.

It’s easy to understand why these bodies see the importance of the job description when you consider how useful it is:

  • To give clear direction to somebody in the job as to what is expected from them
  • To give a Manager a clear indication as to what they should be asking their staff to be doing
  • To help an interviewer understand the job that they are recruiting for in the selection process
  • To give an applicant full details of the job that they are applying for
  • To provide a company record of the different jobs within the organisation
  • To assist in writing and placing any clinical job advertisements

A complete job description should include:

  • The job title
  • The department
  • The location
  • The purpose of the pharmaceutical job
  • Who the person reports to
  • Any supervisory duties
  • Accountabilities
  • Main duties
  • Working conditions (e.g hours of work)
  • Qualifications and experience
  • Salary and benefits
  • Prospects
  • Any other relevant information that you think is pertinent to the job

Next step in the recruitment process is writing a person specification to narrow down the type of individual you need to do the job.

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