How to keep good employees

Recent surveys undertaken by CK Clinical aimed at pharmaceutical industry professionals showed that 56% of participants of the survey would be looking for a new role in the next 6 – 12 months with 30 % unsure and 14% saying they would not.

As such if you are an employer in this industry then likely you may find that staff move on after a certain amount of time and it could be that you wish to retain higher levels of staff retention. The surveys revealed some thought-provoking points as to why employees move on and what you can do to keep them.


What keeps staff in their current roles?

The survey revealed the top 5 reasons why professionals stay with their current organisations in order of priority:

  1. Good relationship with colleagues
  2. Good salaries
  3. Stability in role
  4. Career progression and new projects
  5. Overall trust in the organisation


Why good staff move on:

The top 5 reasons why the majority of participants had moved recently are:

  1. They reached a glass ceiling
  2. Used their current role as a stepping stone to progress.
  3. Expected to move
  4. Move on to a new development project and needed a new challenge
  5. Received a change in responsibilities without being consulted or rewarded.


Potential remedies to staff retention:

In view of the above results, here are 5 potential remedies which overall would encourage staff to stay with your organisation:

  • Provide internal opportunities for promotion, progression and new challenges
  • Give staff the choice of taking on significant change in responsibilities
  • Resolve internal friction between staff
  • Take stock of staff morale
  • Provide a fair salary for work undertook


Source of information: CK Clinical industry survey 2015 and medical information professionals survey 2015.


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