CK receive a thank you message from Burkina Faso

CK Clinical received a letter of thank you for their generous donation to help children at a school in Titao in Burkina Faso this week. Staff from the CK Group raised money for the school at a company event a few weeks ago, the company matched the money raised by the staff,  this donation was sent to the Ecole Sainte Maire in Burkina Faso.

This year CK Group were able to help provide an education for two children called Abi and Alfred.

This school was opened in 2006 and CK Group has been trying to provide financial aid to the school since then.


Watch a short video about the school here


If you would like to help this charity please contact Liam O’Connell on lo’ or 0114 283 9956


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Burkina Faso school sends thank you note for money CK donated