CK Clinical now active in the Australian Market

CK Clinical are very pleased to announce the launch of our Australian affiliate office. This means that we are now able to offer opportunities to candidates throughout Europe and Australia. Â Managing Director, Jonathan Hart Smith said “We are really excited that we can now offer our high quality recruitment services on a more Global scale through our Australian affiliate office. Â This really sets us apart and shows our commitment to giving candidates real choice”. Â This is a really exciting opportunity for peopel looking to emmigrate or travela nd work to enjoy what Australia has to offer with a helping hand from CK Clinical before they even leave the country.


Working in Australia provides real opportunites to get to understand different markets and a different way of life. Â Whilst there are many similarities to the UK, the language for a start, thare also some key things to be aware of including:


How you are taxed in Australia depends on whether or not you are a resident of Australia for tax purposes (residency for tax purposes is not the same as that for immigration).

Tax File Number

To be eligible to work in Australia, you must register for a tax file number. This can be done at any main tax office. In Sydney CBD you should go to: Podium Level, Centrepoint Tower, 100 Market Street. Your tax file number will take approximately four weeks to process. In the meantime, you will be issued with a registration notice. This allows you to commence employment and be taxed at the appropriate rate.When you start working you will be asked to complete an Employment Declaration Form, which will ask you for your TFN. If you choose not to quote your TFN on your Employment Declaration Form, tax will be deducted at the highest rate of 48.50 cents for every dollar you earn.

Paying Tax

The company you work for is required to deduct tax from your weekly pay. The tax you pay depends on how much you earn. In Australia, rates of tax are not flat but calculated on a progressive scale. Different tax scales apply for residents and non-residents.When you finish working and/or at the end of the financial year, your employer will give you two copies of your Group Certificate: one for your records and one to be attached to your Income Tax Return. Your Group Certificate shows the total amount of income you earned and how much tax has been deducted.


Superannuation payments are similar to National Insurance contributions paid in the UK. Once you are earning a salary in Australia, your employer will make, on your behalf, superannuation payments of 9% of your gross salary. From the 1 July 2002 if you are visiting Australia on a Eligible Temporary Resident Visa and later leave Australia permanently you can claim any Superannuation you have accumulated.For more information on Superannuation visit the Ato website (

Bank Accounts:

To open a bank account in Australia you will be required to show proof of identity up to 100 points.Acceptable forms of identification include: passport, birth certificate and drivers licenseÂ


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