CK caught up with Global Pharma Senior Manager after helping him find his first scientific job

In 2012, our Senior Key Account Manager Hannah Oakley found Balraj Rai, now a Senior Manager at GSK, his first role in the science industry. He had just finished his degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences and was keen to get started in the sector. Hannah helped him find his first role at Eurofins in Genomic Sales where he worked for a year.

Over seven years later, he has fulfilled his goal of working with GSK gaining a breadth of experience.

Hannah recently caught up with Balraj to find out how he is getting on and she was delighted to hear of his progress.  Hannah asked him what his current job involves, what gave him the inspiration to pursue this career and what tips does he have for others who want to work within pharmacovigilance and drug safety.

Take a look at the full interview here

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