Improve your workplace happiness

Are you stuck in a rut in your pharmaceutical job? Would you like to be more engaged and productive in your role? Well with the right attitude, you can!

Here are a few tips to help improve your workplace happiness.

Plan: Get into a routine of planning each day as this will ensure that you use your time productively. Write a to-do list for the day and order each task according to its priority. Once you have completed one task – tick it off your list – you’ll find this will be a great motivator.

Take a break: Taking a break will improve your productivity in the workplace.

Enjoy your commute: Try to enjoy your journey to work – use it in a positive way. Use it for relaxing or preparing for the day ahead  by reading, listening or writing. By having an enjoyable commute into work, you will arrive at work in a positive frame of mind.

Pace yourself: Do one thing at a time, and take your time doing it. There is absolutely no point in rushing through things and not completing them to the best of your ability.

Share your success: Make sure that you get credit for all the hard work you do. It is vital that you let the right people know that you are a key contributor to the success of the business.

Adapt: Be open to change and give it a chance. It is crucial that you adapt and embrace new things in the workplace whilst using your experience to guide you.

Delegate: Try to delegate the unimportant tasks thus ensuring that you are using your time in the most productive way possible.

Ask for feedback: If you are unsure whether you have done a good job on a task – proactively seek feedback.

Still struggling to stay motivated and happy? Perhaps it’s time to move on contact one of our consultants to discuss your next career move.