Using recruitment agencies

How can candidates make the best use of pharmaceutical recruitment agencies?

CK Clinical has recently received a number of queries via LinkedIn regarding how candidates can get the best of out of their recruitment agency.

Their concerns are understandable. When registering with a recruitment agency it is sometimes difficult for candidates to know how often they should be contacting their agency and exactly what type of contact to expect from the agency.

There are a number of strategies that, as a candidate, CK Clinical suggests that you could adopt the following strategies to help your cause:

  • Email your consultant with a reminder of your requirements, try to be flexible with these as the consultant will immediately consider you for more vacancies when they come in.
  • Initiate regular contact, if you are having trouble getting a consultant on the phone, email them or contact them through LinkedIn with a polite reminder that you are still available.
  • Update your CV regularly.
  • Try to follow what vacancies are posted on the agencies own site and ask the relevant consultant to be considered for the ones that are of interest.
  • Make yourself an asset by passing on interesting information (business or recruitment) as I am sure you appreciate the consultants are naturally more likely to work harder on your behalf if you have built up a relationship with them.
  •  It is a difficult position to be in when looking for a change of career, but all recruiters are trying to help, try to be patient with them and once again, stay in touch.

From CK Clinical’s angle, we are constantly juggling new and existing candidates and aim to provide a consistently high level of service to all.

In order to engage and communicate with candidates we are adopting new technology and social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Here at CK Clinical, we pride ourselves on our honest and supportive approach. Our team of specialist recruiters and career consultants are here to help you achieve your career ambitions. We can actively offer you careers advice, help with writing your CV, assistance with your interview preparation and provide you with up to date information about the industry.