Common regulatory affairs interview questions

Depending on the type of regulatory affairs role you are going for, you could to asked lots of different questions.  So the first thing we recommend you do is to take a look at the job description and try to predict the types of questions you may be asked. Then, try to match your CV against the job description – where and where have you demonstrated the skills, characteristics and experience the interviewer is looking for?

In general, the main questions you will be asked during an interview will include:

  • It is likely that you will be asked about occasions when you have dealt with regulatory authorities or agencies.
  • If you are going for a European position, it is a good idea to bear in mind that you may be asked about the experience you have working with European submissions.
  • If the role involves working for a UK affiliate, be prepared to be asked about your experience of dealing with MRHA.
  • A big part of regulatory affairs work nowadays is electronic submissions. Therefore, expect to be asked what you know about this and your experience to date.
  • A less technical and sometimes neglected area which may be touched upon during your interview is your experience of team working on a global level.
  • Often, the regulatory affairs job you will be going for will be with companies that tend to operate on a global level, who are doing global submissions. Therefore, think about the times when you have worked as part of a team on a global level, and the impact you have been able to make.

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